Who are Notsrim? "Watchmen" of the Torah

The commandments of the Torah and Prophets have not been abolished or changed by Yehoshua the Son of YeHoVaH, as it is written, "Think not that I come to annul the Torah, but to perfect it. Truly I say to you until heaven and earth (depart) not one letter or dot shall be abloshed from the Torah or Prophets, because all will be established" (Heb. Matt. 5:17-18).

There are some great online resources for learning the fundamentals of Ancient Hebrew (Biblical Hebrew).  Here's a few:

Teknia's free Hebrew download, including software


Here's a good resource for learning the Hebrew Alphabet: Alef-Bet from Judaism 101 (I'm not actually teaching Judaism, per se, rather the Teaching (talmud) of my Messiah YHOshuaH who has by and large been rejected by Judaism.  We still love Jews! I am one, according to the Messiah my only rabbi).  

Here's a great resource for reading the Hebrew Scripture once you've got the letters and their sounds down:


Navigate the Hebrew verse by verse by clicking the "Hebrew" button.  The site has a number of concordances and dictionaries available to do word studies and compare related and alternate uses.  

This site is a complete Hebrew resource for Christians: Hebrew4Christians.com

Here's just a simple chart to help you get started: